Irrigation (Installation, Repair, and Maintenance)

In Tropilawn Landscaping and Tree Services LLC, we have dedicated teams to work on installation, repair, and maintenance projects of irrigation systems. 

We always recommend preventive maintenance. In general, an irrigation system preventive maintenance program involves observation, adjustment, and maintenance at regular intervals of sprinklers, valves, controllers, and other components. 

We want to work hand in hand with the client to advise him about the many components and brands of a complete irrigation system, the pieces that are prone to be replaced soon, and the ones in the long run.  

Tropilawn Landscaping and Tree Services LLC‘s skilled teams always provide a list containing all the parts needed for irrigation systems. Well, here is some basic and essential parts list of them: 

  • Water pump. Water pumps are the heart of the irrigation system.
  • Water Meter. The water meter, as you would assume, measures the amount of water used to irrigate the property.
  • Pump Controller
  • Valve box.
  • Sprinkler Shut-off valve.
  • Backflow Prevention Device.